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'Never have I seen so many children excited about Art AND we raised money for the school'
Suzannah Clemitson-Youde - mum of Tom - Corpus Christi School

'Minimasterworks are an extremely organised outfit. Parent and Children alike were amazed at how fabulous the pictures looked. I got so much praise for organising this, and really, I didn't do a thing.
Julie Roworth - Art Coordinator. Linfield Primary.

'The Art Exhibition is a fun and unique activity to take part in. It makes you feel like a real artist'.
Ben, Student - Charters Ancaster School

'Thank you for going above and beyond anything we expected. What a huge success the exhibition was I haven't seen so many inspired children for a long time.'
Ellen Jenkins - PTA member. Ladysmith Junior School.

'We had a wonderful day. Every student was elated to see their artwork in these conditions. We will definitely be doing this again!'
Kate Alexander - Deputy Head. Skippers Hill

'Every Child in the country should have the opportunity to do this'.
Sarah Hallworth - Mum of Freya. Battle Pre-school.

'I think it looks wonderful'.
Aubrey Imber - Dad To Jasmine . Avenue Primary School.

'Mini masterworks is really organised, the exhibition was a joyous occasion, with not one hiccup, and we raised money for the school. Everyone was a winner'.
Sacha Howard - PTA. Shernold School.

'I would recommend Minimasterworks to any Head, Deputy Head, or Art Teacher, the work and subsequent exhibition engaged and inspired pupils, it gave them the opportunity to critique each other's work, and to follow their creativity through to an end point'.
Deanna Smith - Art Coordinator Sudbourne Primary.

'Charters Ancaster School has recently taken part in an Art Exhibition organised by Mini Masterworks. We have been very impressed with all the arrangements and planning which culminated in an Exhibition'.
Elizabeth Stone (Deputy Head) - Charters Ancaster School

'I really enjoyed doing the Art for the Exhibition. The Art looked very professional'.
Daisy. Student - Charters Ancaster.

'Thank you for doing a lovely display. I couldn't believe how beautiful the Art looked in frames. It felt like a really lovely Art display and I just wanted to say thank you'.
Maisy. Pupil. - Charters Ancaster

'The School dining hall looked like a real gallery!' Michelle Beale - PTA member. St Marys.

'Such a fantastic end to the school year'.
Lucy Horn - Art Coordinator. Great Milton School.

Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings.

Agnes Martin


We are school and nursery art exhibition experts. We organise the professional display of beautiful art produced by children aged 2 years to 11 years.