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We will send you ideas and lesson plans for producing great artwork, and tips for producing a great exhibition.

Confirm your participation and book a date.

Work with the children to create their masterpieces.

2/3 weeks before the exhibition a courier will pick up all artwork and class lists.

2 weeks before the exhibition you will receive posters to promote the event around the school and invites to put into book bags.

On the day of the event we transform a space in the school into a professional gallery space, using our own exhibition stands.

Each piece of artwork which has been transformed into a named titled and framed print is displayed.

Parents are invited in to view and buy the artwork.

We offer other products to order (postcards, smaller prints, class displays) which are delivered 2 weeks after the event.

All unsold artwork is taken away at the end of the exhibition.

All original artwork is returned to the school.

There is no initial cost to the school and no chance of being left with stock.

We announce "best in show" piece of artwork 1-7 days after the event on our webpage and facebook. The winner receives an art gift and certificate.

For every large frame sold the school receive between £1 and £2, depending on sales. We send a cheque for money raised approximately 2 weeks after the exhibition.

Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.

Nikolaevich Tolstoy


We are school and nursery art exhibition experts. We organise the professional display of beautiful art produced by children aged 2 years to 11 years.