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How quickly can I have an exhibition?

We need 2 weeks from receiving artwork to putting up an exhibition.

How much can I raise?

The school earn £1.50 for every large frame sold. If you have an average sized primary school, money raised usually ranges between £100 and £250.

Is there a minimum amount of pupils you need to be able to run an exhibition?

Unless the exhibition is in Kent or Sussex, we do ask for at least 180 pupils. However, if you have a small school or nursery and would like to run your own little gallery, we can do the pictures for you, and send them to you. Please e mail lucy@minimasterworks.co.uk for details.

Does an exhibition take up a lot of teachers or PTA members' time?

Not at all, we arrange pretty much everything. All you need to do is get your children to produce fantastic artwork and we do all the rest. We collect the artwork from your school, we produce invites and posters for you to promote the event, we set up our own exhibition stands, we put all the artwork up, and we stay and take the money, we take down the exhibition, we take away any unwanted artwork, we send any extra orders and a cheque.

Can we do an exhibition at the weekends or after school?


Is the artwork produced by the students just put in a frame?

No, the artwork is scanned, colour corrected and enhanced. The name of the artist, title, date of exhibition and school are then added underneath the painting. We also put copyright the artist at the bottom in small print! (we can add the school emblem if required) We then print an A3 size picture and frame it.

Do we have to pay for all the promotional stuff?

No an invite for each child to put in their book bag, and posters to put up around the school, a pdf of the invite to put on the school website are all provided absolutely free.

On the day how do parents pay?

They can pay by cash, cheque or card. All cheques should be made payable to Mini Masterworks.

What happens to the artwork that isn't bought by parents?

Artwork can be bought by the school at a reduced cost, or we take the artwork away.

Is there anything that the school can have to remember the exhibition?

The school can now buy class boards. A whole class's artwork (so usually 30 different pieces) is presented on an A2 size board. They can be put up anywhere in the school.

Is original artwork returned to the school?

Yes all original artwork is returned after the exhibition. We usually keep the artwork for a week or so just in case there are any corrections as we may need to re-scan.

I've ordered some smaller prints and some postcards, when will I see them?

We aim to deliver all orders for re-prints, smaller prints and postcards 2 weeks after the exhibition.

Are there any good themes? What type of artwork produces the best results?

We can send you ideas and lesson plans for KS1 and KS2 projects. Plus an email containing tips for a great exhibition.

How long does it take to put the exhibition up?

Depending on the size of the school, it can take anything from 1hour to 2. If we are putting an exhibition up in a dinner hall and can start at 1, we usually finish in time for the children to have a look at their work before parents arrive at 3-3.30.

Can parents pre-order their child's work if they will not be around on the day?

Yes that is absolutely fine - we can provide envelopes in which to put money, name form etc, so that everything is organised on the day.

Can parents order after the exhibition if they were not around on the day?

If parents get their order in pretty quick, and we can send the print with the follow up order that arrives 2 weeks after the exhibition that is absolutely fine. If they order after this time then we have to charge for postage.

Is the picture frame good quality?

We haven't ever had any complaints about frame quality; all our frames are made in Britain and are really high quality. We guarantee they will not fall apart.

We are a secondary school and need to submit some photography, can we send it by jpeg?

Yes, we prefer it that way.

Would you do just the prints for me, so that I can do my own exhibition?

Yes, we can just scan, colour correct, title and name for you and then send the pictures for you to frame and exhibit. Obviously each piece of artwork will cost less. Please get in touch if you are interested doing something this way.

I just need to hire exhibition boards is that something you would do?

If you are within a 60 mile radius of Hastings we are happy to hire out boards, we charge a delivery fee and a daily fee/weekly fee. You need to take a minimum of 2 boards; each board holds 12-18 A3 pictures.



We are school and nursery art exhibition experts. We organise the professional display of beautiful art produced by children aged 2 years to 11 years.